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Robin Kelsey and I are continuing working together as collaborators.  This comes after many years of working together building a business and raising  our daughter, Liberty.  The work will continue to use my photographs. Robin will then  manipulate them further with all the skills she has to offer as an artist. Although the subjects have changed over the years, the final products will be a throw back to our earliest black and white works.

Ode to Rauschenberg

I shot this image of the Louis Vuitton window at Bloomingdales last winter.  It was immediately clear after the editing that there was a deep relationship with the work of Robert Rauschenberg.  Rauschenberg along with his contemporaries, Lichtenstein and Johns have always held a spot in our hearts. In the early 1990s we produced an all black target which was housed in an aluminum frame which Warhol once used to frame a Lichtenstein. It was the perfect piece, an homage to three of the greatest pop artists of their generation.

This piece is printed on dibond, an aluminum composite material, approximately 35″ by 50″.  Robin will then take 30 5″ by 7″ panels and collage them onto the surface.  The colors of the panels will be variations of the original print. This will be our most adventurous project since reemerging.

Portrait of Liberty

One day I was chatting with Liberty in the kitchen. She looked over at the stainless steel refrigerator and said I should take a photograph of her reflection. After playing with it quite a bit and making it a vertical image the results were striking.  A few months later, we were at the Whitney viewing their portrait show. Robin was inspired by a piece and suggested that we print it on canvas as large as possible letting it drape onto the floor.  Our plan is to attach it to the wall at the top with 4-6 grommets and then cinch it in the middle from behind.  We have found a printer who can print it about 12′ by 8′ but we don’t have the room to hang it.

Other projects

Most of the pieces we are collaborating on will be unique, some like the portrait of Liberty reflected in the refrigerator will be an edition of 5.  Please feel free to contact us if there is a particular image you would like us to work with for a unique piece.  Our ideas often flow at a greater rate than we can produce or update the site.


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