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This page is dedicated specifically to the images that I specifically consider abstractions when I capture them.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t feel that every time I work on an image it becomes an abstractions.  As soon as I open Lightroom and start to make changes the abstraction begins.  Back in the 1980s it was the same as when I entered the darkroom and laid paper out on the floor in grids. I see in the abstract. Today I rarely know the exact finished product until I close my computer. 

On this page is a series of Abstractions that I have been working on over the last few years.  They are photographs of things I see in my day to day life as I am walking down the street, sitting in my apartment or photographing out in the woods.  The moment I clicked the shutter they were abstracts. Some I have shot on my travels in Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France as well as my more mundane trips to Washington DC and Atlantic City. I especially love reflective surfaces. Subjects include reflections of clouds on lakes, buildings on glass buildings and people into cars.

One of my personal favorites are the lights in the ceiling of the old Whitney Museum building which is now the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Breuer building.  Another favorite is the back of the bench which you see around NYC bus stop with the pavement beyond it.  Generally the images that give the viewer pause to think, “What am I seeing,” are the most successful.  The technique which is used captures this idea is present in different elements of almost every image.


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